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Together into the future
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MT is a company focused on the innovation applied to several RF products and systems for the radio communications market such as:
Land & Naval, Air Traffic Control, PMR and Cellular (Power Amplifier, Agile Solid State Tunable Filter, Electronic Fast Switching Filter bank, Motorized Combiners…).

Our Markets

Innovative ideas from an inspired environment

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Air Traffic Control

The security of reliable ground-to-air communication

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Land & Naval

Great performance for a secure communication

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Public Safety

PMR: a wide range of product to your service

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Next generation mission critical communications

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The added value to ride the waves

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The only source of knowledge is experience


Our answer to your needs

Agile Solid State Tunable Filter from 1,5 MHz up to 2 GHz

Agile Solid State Tunable Filter from 1,5 MHz up to 2 GHz for Land & Naval market

VHF-UHF Compact Motorized Filter Double Bridge Combiner

VHF and UHF band Compact Multi Channels Remotely Tunable Motorized Combiner into one Antenna for Air Traffic Control and Land & Naval markets

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