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Waveguide is a hollow metal pipe used to carry radio waves.
This type of waveguide is used as a transmission line mostly at microwave frequencies, for such purposes as connecting microwave transmitters and receivers to their antennas, in equipment such as, radar sets, satellite communications, and microwave radio links.
MT thanks to the strong cooperation with an Italian partner, that is the leading waveguide manufacturer (Seamless and FlexTwist), can quickly make custom solutions/waveguide assemblies based on your specific request.

The custom assemblies often involve complex bends, twists, different mix of waveguide technologies, and other special mechanical features.

The great advantages to use MT as supplier/partner are:

  • Strong RF background, mechanical design and deeper knowledge of manufacturing technologies/process
  • Strong technical support to define the most advantageous solutions in terms of cost, quality, performances, technology, weight and repeatability
  • Flexibility and a proactive and open mind approach
  • Reduced Lead Time

Our selection of products

Seamless and Flexible twistable Waveguides

Using our Seamless and Flexible Twistable Waveguide we can support you on any type of Assemblies. We are skilled to produce special pats also for retrofit application.We produce from small quantity up to mass production.The Waveguide assemblies are jacketed in silicone rubber (unaffected by UV light and superior environmental resistance compared to neoprene).

Rigid Waveguides

Using our Rigid Waveguide we can support you on any type of Assemblies. We are skilled to produce special pats also for retrofit application. We produce from small quantity up to mass production.In rigid Waveguide we make Straights, Bends, Twists, Offsets, Transition….

Customized Waveguides assembly

We are skilled to offer tailored solution mixing the different Waveguide typology (Rigid, Seamless, Flex Twist and flange) in order to meet the more difficult requirements in terms of electrical and mechanical performances.Optimization of the weight and reduction of the mechanical tolerance influences.
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