Land & Naval

Great performance for a secure Communication

Military vessels are equipped with the most reliable and sophisticated command centers, featuring complex facilties for communicating on board and externally.
Jam-resistant, encrypted information, interoperability, interference-free must be some basic requirement features actually granted by means of the latest advanced software designed radios (SDR).

MT is a leading company in the LAND and NAVAL communications market providing solid-state filter solutions specifically designed for SDR applications with advanced solid-state filter designed for full frequency-hopping features

MT developed a very compact design to fit the more stringent Naval requirements in terms of weigh-space and performances.

  • 6CH Tx
  • 6CH RX
  • PDU and FCU included
Land & Naval

Our selection of products

Fixed UHF Notch Filter

Compact dimension and Low Weight with High Selectivity Performances.

Programmable Notch Filter

VHF and UHF solutions with 2 notch working simultaneously. Thanks to our protocol and to several sensor our system offer a wide range of important feature: «Stelt Mode» to enable all Led and Sound during communication and frequency change                         Temperature sensor apply on the Filter Sensor for Voltage Sensor for position of the motors Detector […]

VHF-UHF Manual Tunable Compact Filter

VHF and UHF band Manual Tunable Compact Filter for Air Traffic Control market
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